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SKYNET TELECOMS LTD, a Nigerian registered company that specializes in harnessing the powers of cutting edge technologies to offer extraordinary capabilities to companies and Governments in the Information Communication Technology & Telecommunications (ICT & T) sectors.
Skynet was incorporated in 1998 to specialize in knowledge and technology Transfer to Africa and our strength lies in our ability to identify and proactively partner new innovations. Partnering with us, our clients have been able to be at the forefront with new ideas and new technologies; a competitive advantage in their industries.

Skynet which started operation as a Distributor to the three leading Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria-­‐MTN , Globacom and Econet(Airtel), have over the years, diversified its operations and have metamorphosed into a Value Added services and specialized Advert-­‐ based Kiosk solution Providers. SKYNET has excellent business relationship with all the leading Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria and is a registered Value Added Service Providers with MTN Nigeria. Skynet is presently engaged in diverse activities in the Nigerian economy  including but not limited to marketing and provision of telecommunications value added services,  Telecom and financial kiosk solutions for Governments, banks and telecom companies.

Over the years, we have built a substantial network of relationships within the Nigerian economy and some of our major clients include Financial Institutions, Manufacturing companies and mobile network operators, including: MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria; SKYE Bank, Bank PHB bank (KEYSTONE Bank) SKYNET not only bring state- ‐of-­‐the-­‐art ICT products to Africa, but also world-­‐class solutions that are both bundled with unmatched Customer Service. Our partners benefit from our proven knowledge of the African business environment as well as our pioneering expertise in combining technology and marketing.

Our vision is to provide our clients with tremendous benefits from reduced costs,  greater efficiency, improvement in business processes and profitability. Skynet is built on its dedication to helping clients identify and capitalize on their most important business and technology opportunities to achieve high performance.   



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